vineri, 12 martie 2010

Turkey all inclusive

Turkey is my second choice. Greatest locations include: Antalya, Kusadasi,Bodrum and also Marmaris.
Here you can find great five star hotels with all inclusive (ultra) concept at prices lower than you would hope.
Not only the price but also the quality of the service is the motivation that makes me go to Antalya year after year.
Don't you dare think that Turkey does not comply to all European standards: turkish people will do everything to please you and every hotels tries to make they all inclusive - all exclusive.
So, if the flight ticket is not a problem i strangly advice you not to miss the great opportunity of few days 100% relaxation in one of the turkish all inclusive resorts.
You children will be also very happy because of the fabulous aqua parks and very many activities each hotel offers . Dont hesitate !

sâmbătă, 6 martie 2010

Bulgaria - All inclusive

Bulgaria is my first tip to you.
The level of service you find here in incredible for an East-European country!
The seaside resorts are excellent but don't get fooled by the mountain offers, you wont get the same value for your money. In Golden Sands for example you can have your dream ULTRA all inclusive vacation for the small amount of 30 EUR/ night. And they don't brag when they say ULTRA ALL INCLUSIVE, your really get everything for free: cocktails, whiskey, bowling and many more.
The beaches are excelent, perfect sand and also very very clean.
Prices are not high but why would you care ?
So, unless you already did, Bulgaria should be the first choice for your all inclusive sejur